TITLE: Their Final Destinatoin
AUTHORS:Kristi & Cassie
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is inspired by our trip to Roswell, NM in the spring of 2000... the things we mention (example: 'Alien's Welcome'...) are true. We hope you enjoy this story...
DISCLAIMER: Mulder and Krycek belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, and FOX broadcasting... we own nothing.
DATE OF PART ONE: March 16, 2000
RATING: pff... humor...
SPOILERS:um... we don't think so...

"We're going, Krycek." Mulder says as he burst into Krycek's apartment.

"Going where?" Krycek moans as he sits up in his bed, with very bad morning hair.

"To a place I've always needed to go." Mulder tells him.

"To a mental institute?" Krycek says.

Mulder looks at him. "Haha Krycek" Mulder says.

That night, Mulder and Krycek head out to this place Mulder has always wanted to go.

"So how long will it take to get where we're going?" Krycek asks.

"Oh... ya know... a week, maybe." Mulder explains.

"A week." Krycek repeats. "A week to get where?"

"Somewhere." Mulder says, packing his bags.

"You're going to keep me in the dark again." Krycek says.

"Possibly." Mulder tells him, as he carfully folds his underwear and places it in his bag.

On the road later that night, Krycek still has no idea where Mulder is dragging him. Mulder has been driving all night, without stopping. Krycek is sleeping on the passanger's side of the car... while Mulder still drives.

Day comes, and the car is pulled off to the side of the road. Krycek still sleeps. Mulder has his face all the way in a map that is on the steering wheel, sleeping.

Krycek wakes up.


No answer.

"Mulder!" Krycek yells.

Mulder pops up startled by a loud noise.

"I'm awake!", Mulder exclaims, quickly popping his head up.

Krycek looks at him and rolls his eyes. Mulder looks around, confused.

"Where are we?" Mulder asks.

"How should I know, you're the driver." Krycek says in his 'why the hell are you asking me this question.' tone.

Mulder starts the engine and starts to drive to find a sign to their final destination.

They pass a sign that says "MEMPHIS 63 MILES"

"We're heading the right way." Mulder says happily with a geeky smile.

"We're going to Memphis?" Krycek asks.

"Nope." Mulder tells him shaking his head.

Miles, days, and arguments later...

"Whoohoo! We're only a few hundred miles away!" Mulder exclaims, pumping his fists in the air almost hitting Krycek.

Krycek is at the point of irritation, and grabs Mulder's fist and forcefully pushes it away. He gives him a look.

"Why couldn't we fly to New Mexico?" Krycek asks.

"What's the fun in that?" Mulder says. "If we would have flown out here, we would have missed out on cows, the adventure of the flat tire, and you getting arrested for hitting on the cop."

"Hey, I didn't know she was a cop." Krycek defends himself, crossing his arms across his chest.

"That was so funny. How stupid are you!" Mulder laughs, as he drifts the car into the other side of the road with on coming cars coming at them... realizing this he coughs and goes back over to the right side of the road with an obvious jerk of the car.

"So why are we going to New Mex-" Krycek trails off. He looks at Mulder. "Oh, god, we're not going to Roswell are we?"

Mulder says nothing... keeping his eyes on the road.

Several miles later...

"Wouldn't you love to live out here?" Mulder asks.

"We're in the middle of no where." Krycek points out, as they approach a herd of smelly cows. "And that scent!"

They both roll up their windows... in a hurry...

"Yeah, I know. Wouldn't it be great." Mulder says. "I could just sit outside and look for UFOs all day."

"And be even more broke than you already are!" Krycek says, sarcastically with a big smile on his face and rolls his eyes.

Mulder sees the irritation in Krycek.

"Lighten up buddy." Mulder says.

Krycek glares.

"Buddy? Buddy?! Hate to burst your little bubble, but we're not buddies." Krycek says.

They don't talk the rest of the way to Roswell. Mulder looks hurt, with tears in his eyse he tries not to let it show how much that just hurt him.

An hour later, they reach the Roswell city limit. Mulder pulls over and stops the car. He gets out with his camera.

"What are you doing?" Krycek asks.

"Not like you care." Mulder mournfully says.

"Oh god. You're taking a picture." Krycek says.

Mulder pathetically walks towards the city limit sign. Krycek rolls his eyes at Mulder, but gets out to take a stretch.

"Hey Krycek," Mulder carefully asks. "could you take my picture in front of the sign?"

Krycek shrugs 'sure'.

"It's the little green button." Mulder tells him.
"I know. I'm not stupid." Krycek says.

Mulder stands in front of the sign and smiles really big. Krycek takes the picture. Mulder walks over and gives Krycek a big hug, unknowingly, Krycek hits the little green button...

Finally... they reach their hotel....

Walking up to the reseptionsist Mulder says "Hi, we need a room."

"Two rooms." Krycek corrects.

"How long will you be staying?" says the receptionist, ignoring Krycek.

"Two days." Mulder says.

"It took us a week to get here and we're only staying two days." Krycek mutters, as he turns his back to Mulder.

Later that day...

"Hey Alex..." Mulder says carefully.

Krycek rolls his eyes.

"It's Krycek to you... Fox." Krycek says.

"What ever. You wanna head out to the UFO Museum?" Mulder asks excitedly, standing, and bouncing...

"Do I have a choice?" Krycek asks.

"Course not." Mulder tells him happily.

At the International UFO Musium...

"Hey Krycek." Mulder says. "did you know that this map shows the crash sites? We could go see them!"

Krycek walks over to the map and studies it. Scratches his chin... leans in for a closer look... backs off confused. thesn states "They're missing one. There's suppose to be one right here." He points somewhere on the map.

"Why didn't they mark it?" Mulder asks.

"Why do you think, Spooky." Krycek says and walks off, leaving Mulder confused.

Four hours later, Mulder enters the gift shop and starts collecting items to buy.

"What are you buying Mulder?" Krycek asks.

"An alien drivers license." Mulder says. "What are you buying?"

"Your FBI badge." Krycek answers.


Surely enough, Krycek holds up a copy of Mulder's FBI badge.

"Excues me?" Krycek says to the cashier. "How did you get this FBI badge?"

The cashier takes it and looks at it.

"This is Fox Mulder. He works for the FBI. He is trying to uncover the truth about ETs." She says.

"How do you know about him?" Krycek asks.

"He's famous here in Roswell." she tells him in a 'you don't know that' tone of voice.

Mulder walks up after hearing this new information.

"I'm ready to go." Mulder says with small souveniers fallingout of his arms.

"Alright." says the cashier. She sees who she is talking to. "Oh my goodness! You're Agent Fox Mulder!"

Mulder smiles and nods a little 'yeah... it's me' and shrugs.

"Wow, this is on me." She says. "It's an honor to meet you."

Krycek is standing behind Mulder, mad that he had to pay and Mulder didn't, especially because Mulder's total is $113.87... on the house!

"Have a great time in Roswell Agent Mulder." the cashier says.

"Thanks!" Mulder says, holding up his bag-o-goodies on his way out.

They leave the museum gift shop and are walking on the sidewalk.

"I'm famous here." Mulder tells Krycek.

Krycek doesn't answer. He's still annoyed with Mulder.

"So there's another crash site they didn't mark?" Mulder says.

Krycek only nods.

"Can you show me it?" Mulder asks.

"If I do... I'll have to kill you." Krycek tells him.

"You're no fun." Mulder says and then adds unnder his breath, "... party pooper."

They continue to walk down the street.

"Ooh! Look!" Mulder says, sounding like a little boy. "An alien store!"

Mulder and Krycek walk into a store called "Southwest Alien". A little store with Roswell t-shirts, alien merchendise, ect. The store isn't busy. The manager is sitting at a table watching t.v. and a little white dog sits there too.

"Hi." says the manager.

"Hey." Mulder and Krycek say at the same time.

They wander around looking at all the alien stuff, canteens, bottles, hats, ect.

Krycek wanders around to flip through a book of various certificates. He comes across one that says "Alien Abductee".

He laughs to himself. "Hey Mulder!" Krycek says.

Mulder walks over.

"You should get this." Krycek tells Mulder.

"I should." Mulder laughs in amazement.

Mulder and Krycek pick out their various items to get and pay.

"Hey, you're Fox Mulder, aren't you?" The manager asks Mulder.

"Yep." Mulder replies.

"Wow. So have you ever actually seen an alien?" she asks.

"It could be argued." Mulder says.

"You know, one night I was laying on my lawn chair at night and I saw something in the sky." she explains.

This grabs Mulder and Krycek's attention.

"It was about three a.m. Then out of nowhere these two flying objects came together and stopped. Then they backed up and stopped some more." She explains.

Mulder and Krycek are fascinated.

She continues. "Now I've never seen an airplane or something back up in the sky. Then they just disappeared. They were very quiet. I called down to the airport, but they said nothin' was being tested or anything."

"Where was this?" Mulder asks.

"Just out of town." She says. "It happened for seven days in a row, all at three in the morning. Then they just stopped coming."

"Hmmm." Mulder says. He hands her money to pay for his alien abductee certificate.

They leave and walk back to their car.

"Let's find somewhere to eat." Krycek demands.

"How about Arby's?" Mulder suggests. "They have that cool sign, 'Aliens Welcome'". Mulder laughs to himself.

After they ate their dinner and took a picture of the cool sign, they head out to Hangar 84.

Upon arrival to the hangar that supposedly the government brought the debris from the UFO crash...

"Wanna sneak in?" asks Mulder.

Pulling out some keys "What do you mean sneak in?" Krycek dangles a mysterious key in Mulder's face. Mulder snaps a picture... with flash... evidence or blackmail?

Krycek walks over and with they mysterious key unlocks the gate surrounding Hangar 84. Mulder is amazed... flabbergasted.

Mulder loudly whispers "What if they find us?"

"You have your badge... " Krycek smiles... and adds, "and so do I."

Mulder sneers at him and lowers himself to the ground.

"What in the world are you doing?" Krycek dares to ask.

"Crawling... so they can't see me." Mulder explains, "get down."

Krycek rolls his eyes and gets down on all fours along side Mulder. They crawl to the door of Hangar 84, Krycek gets back up and unlocks another door. After a few minutes, Mulder says,

"Where is it?"

"It's gone. It was 1947. Did you really think it would still be here?" Krycek explains.

"You should know..."

They hear sirens approaching.

"Great!" says Krycek, "You tripped an alarm!"

They haul ass out of there, but they are unsuccessful. They are tackled to the ground by MIBs. Mulder squirms, trying to escape. Krycek gives up more easily, knowing the consequences. They are shoved into government vehicles.