Title: Flight 194
Written By: Cassie & Kristi
Spoilers: None.
Disclaimer: We own nothing.



Over black, the opening notes of Borodin's "Notturno" from string Quartet No. 2 in D.


Through the cockpit window, a cloudless night sky. A low rumble of voices is audible over "Notturno", no conversations can be heard.

CAMERA PULLS BACK, holding on the back of the Pilot and Co-Pilot's heads. CAMERA PULLS BACK through the curtains, the draping of curtains switches the angle.

IN the back of the plane, a Stewardess is preparing her refreshment cart. "Notturno" continues with a low rumble of voices.

The Stewardess begins to serve the passangers. She hands some coffee to a young couple, newly weds, obviously celebrating their new life together.

CAMERA CONTINUES DOWN THE AISLE, working back to the front of the plane. It's slow moving, prolonging the present events soon to be interrupted.

To the left, an old couple. And old man is sleeping, the best he can in an economy class seat. His wife is sitting next to him, watching the in flight movie. She places her hand on her husband's and hold it.

To the right, two businessmen are discussing something. They have documents in front of them. They obviously work for the government. They glance over across the aisle at a little girl, check up on her.

The little girl is asleep, cuddled up against the window she's next to. She holds a teddy bear that is missing an eye... it looks worn from the love. A stewardess covers her with a blanket. Paranoid, the two businessmen glance over, then continue their conversation.

After a brief moment, the plane loses power.



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