TITLE: The Pointless Game
AUTHOR: Mistress of X
RATING: G-seriously, Bambi has nothing on me
CATEGORY: Mulder-Krycek Humor
DISCLAIMER: I only have one question: Would Chris Carter write this?
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AUTHOR'S NOTES: I'd like to thank the letter a, the number two, and my fingers for helping me write this ridiculous fanfic.

The Pointless Game
by Mistress of X
1 of 1 (Thank god!)

Mulder followed Krycek down the long path into a clearing.  He 
held his gun at his side.  Alright, this was it, the moment of 
truth, who wins and who loses.  Krycek suddenly spun around, 
aimed at Mulder’s chest, and fired.  In shock, Mulder reached 
down and touched the cold wet redness that now covered 
his shirt.

“You ruined my shirt!” Mulder cried.

“Hey, it’s not my fault you didn’t put on a vest.”

“You’re going to pay!” He charged towards him, his aim at Krycek’s
chest, and fired.  Krycek dodged the flying object in time to save
himself, and his shirt.  

“Give it up, Mulder! You’ll never win!” Krycek screamed as he 
shot at Mulder again, who swiftly leapt out of the way.  “You’re 
supposed to be dead, anyway.”

“No, you gave me a small wound.  Tell me where she is!”

“I can’t tell you where she is, I don’t know.”

“Stop lying to me!”

“You walked out on her.”

“Yeah, but I had my reasons.”

“She probably left because you’re making a fool of yourself.”

“You are the fool! What have you done with her?”

“She’s safe, now stop raving like a lunatic.”

“No!” Mulder fired and hit Krycek in the abdomen.  Krycek looked 
up in shock.

“I never thought you’d shoot me, Mulder.”

“Too bad you’re wearing a vest.”

“That is too bad, for you.” Krycek looked down at the wet green 
mass on his vest.

“Green, Mulder?”

“What about it? I like green.”

“You like green because Scully likes green.”

Mulder looked at him in shock.  “How did you know?”

Krycek grinned.  “I have my ways.”

Mulder became angry and charged at Krycek.  Their guns fell as 
they both started throwing punches.

“I still say that’s a stupid-ass haircut!” Mulder cried.

“Have you looked at what you’ve done to YOUR hair??” Krycek 
screamed back.

Scully walked along the trail until she finally found Mulder, on 
the ground fighting with Krycek.  She looked at her watch 
and sighed.  Shaking her head, she thought:

‘I never knew two adults could get so worked up over a game 
of paintball.’